Vacation In Blue Ridge

Brasstown-BaldEnjoy your stay in Blue Ridge, Georgia known for both the natural beauty and the people who love their small slice of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Vacation in Blue Ridge, and discover why the locals call this town home, and discover North Georgia from the comforts of your beautiful Blue Ridge vacation cabin rental. Let the magic begin.

A Town That Stands Out

What makes a town stand out from any other town? Is it the people that make up the town?  Does the location of a town have something to do with its appeal?  Perhaps it’s a “feeling”, something you can’t put your finger on, but every time you vacation in Blue Ridge, you don’t want to leave. It’s like trying to take candy from a baby, once you experience the sweetness of that town you don’t want to let go. You want to savor every moment of your experience because you know sooner or later your vacation is over and it’s time to head home. Where am I going with this story? It’s all about finding a new home.

tree-and-trainA Home for Blue Ridge Locals and Vacationers alike

This short story is about a small town located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. The town I’m referring to is Blue Ridge. Each year thousands people spend their vacation absorbing the natural beauty of these blue mountains, and yes, they really are blue. Most will book a cabin rental in advance and count the days until they can see what all the talk is about.

For many people a trip to Blue Ridge will be their first mountain vacation experience and something they’ve waited for years. And like the locals of this little town and surrounding mountains, people on vacation here will love Blue Ridge too. This is a home away from home.

What makes Blue Ridge so magical?

I was talking with a friend the other day and we kept asking the same burning questions: “What makes Blue Ridge so magical? What makes this town the one town where folks don’t want to leave. Some have even packed up their lives and moved to Blue Ridge.

I thought about the reasons I had for moving here nearly seven years ago. For each family who chooses to leave their old town behind and live here, it’s a personal journey. Everything begins with a dream. Once that dream unfolds, that’s when the magic begins. And like a child who waits for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve, everyone who is fortunate to visit Blue Ridge shares that same excitement. When that day arrives, and you’re finally in Blue Ridge, it’s like opening that one special gift you’ve always wanted on Christmas morning. Your heart skips a beat, and once you open that gift you realize just how magical it is.

morning on Lake Blue RidgeBlue Ridge is home

For the thousands who visit Blue Ridge each year it’s their Christmas morning wrapped in a big shiny bow. I could make a list of 100 reasons of why Blue Ridge is the best little mountain town in North Georgia, but the one thing that stand out is this: it feels like home! In a town where people still wave and come together like towns of yesteryears, it’s no wonder why folks who visit get emotional when they leave. When I pulled up to my new home in Blue Ridge nearly seven years ago, after driving  650 miles with my nine year old child, two cats, one dog and a hermit crab, I could barely breathe as I tried to take in the new experience. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe as I saw the crest of the mountain across the street of my new home, and the fireflies greeting my caravan. It was then my eyes began to tear up with joy. I looked at my son and knew we were home.

Vacation in Blue Ridge and enjoy these accommodations

This area has become a popular place to vacation because people are looking for alternatives to the major themed parks and over-crowded beaches. People love to spend time in our mountains, along our creeks and rivers, and especially inside our beautiful rental cabins near Blue Ridge. We offer a wide selection of cabin rentals including 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units, and pet friendly cabin rentals. And if you need a little assistance planning your vacation near Blue Ridge, call us today and tap into our love for this area and our hope that your next vacation here in the Blue Ridge is the best vacation of your life. 706-258-3286