Aska Adventure Area

Aska Adventure Area
Rear view mirror – Aska Adventure Area

Heading south from downtown Blue Ridge is the Aska Road that winds its way into the Aska Adventure Area. This picturesque road bends south bordering the edge of Lake Blue Ridge, and follows the Toccoa River. While no-one really knows where the name for this popular area originated from, the word Aska is Cherokee in origin and means- “Winter Retreat”.  One thing is for sure, you can certainly visit this area anytime of the year!

Aska Adventure Area attractions and activities for the entire family

The Aska Adventure Area offers something for everyone, and the scenery can’t be beat.
Aska Road alone makes the perfect adventure for a drive on a spring day or in the fall when colorful leaves canvas the trees. The embracing curves and breathtaking mountain views of this scenic area keep folks returning each year for yet another glimpse of Gods Country. While the beauty is an obvious treat, Aska Adventure Area offers an array of attractions and activities for the entire family.

Aska Trails

Shall we begin with the ever so popular Aska Trails? With parking just off Aska Road, this 17 mile trail provides recreational trails for hikers and mountain bikers. Less than 10 miles from downtown Blue Ridge, there are trails for beginners ranging from one mile in length to more difficult trails. Hiking the trails won’t cost you a dime, and you can kike the trails year-round. You’ll also end up back at your car, and that’s always a good thing! Hiking these mountains paints a scene like no other. Behold the tattered curtains of waterfalls and listen to their endless rhythm as they splash on the rocks below. Wade in fresh mountain streams. The mountains are home to many species of wildlife. Bear and deer are not uncommon sights. Hiking the trail will give you another opportunity to see and hear many feathered mountain friends. These old mountains provide a safe haven for a diverse number of bird species.

Aska Waterfalls


Aska-Adventure-AreaIf you aren’t much of a hiker, there is still plenty to see in the Aska Area. Many people travel from across the globe just to view the spectacular waterfalls. If you haven’t had the chance to see the waterfalls that nourish these mountains it’s a sight you won’t forget. Stand by a waterfall and block out the sounds of the world to the uninterrupted sounds of roaring water crashing at the earth’s feet. Fall Branch Falls is a short, 0.1 mile hike from the parking lot.

Trout Fishing and Kayak

The Toccoa River is known for some of the best trout fishing in the Eastern States. For the true angler, throwing your line in this river is a must if you’re planning on visiting the mountains. There are also plenty of opportunities for other activities such as canoeing and tubing while weather permits. Just 11 miles south of Blue Ridge, GA is Sandy Bottoms Recreation Area. This area is a kayakers dream as you can take in a one day cruise, or a 2-day overnighter. Shallowford Bridge offers a 1.5 mile tubing trip on the upper Toccoa River. For less than ten dollars you can spend a relaxing afternoon rolling on the river.

Toccoa Swinging Bridge

Have you heard about the famous Toccoa Swinging Bridge? Not far from Aska Road you can hike on one of the longest suspension hiking bridges east of the Mississippi. While planning your mountain activities this one should be at the top of your list. The Swinging Bridge over the Toccoa River will give you the opportunity to see the mountains from a different perspective- one you will certainly appreciate.  While you’re enjoying the spectacular views, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for some wildlife dwellers who call these parts their home.

Other places to visit while visiting the Aska Adventure Area include:

  • Lily Pad Village for gem mining, fishing and miniature golf for the children
  • Toccoa Family Campground – it’s probably more famous for its pink tubes which dot the river on a warm summer’s day
  • JonRon Canoe & Kayak Rental – JonRon will put you on the river in a canoe for an adventure or just fishing.
  • Toccoa Riverside Restaurant located on Aska Rd.  Relax while you dine on the river. Sip on the restaurants exclusive House Wine- let your worries slip away as you enjoy all the fine food this restaurant has to offer. Pet lovers are invited to bring their furry friends to this pet friendly restaurant.

Accommodations – Vacation Cabin Rentals near Aska


Would you like to stay in a nice vacation cabin rental near the Aska area that is south of Blue Ridge? Here is a list of cabin rentals. We also have pet friendly vacation cabins too. If you’d like additional information on these cabins or the Aska area, give Tom a call at the Sundance Cabin Rentals office today. 888-881-3286

As you can see there’s plenty to do once you settle into your comfortable cabin. Beauty surrounds you from the moment you arrive as the mountains open their arms inviting you to stay for a spell. Whether you plan on hiking the trails or just take in the surrounding beauty, one thing is certain- you will be planning your next visit before you ever leave!