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A little about us. . .

Hang in there, it’s almost vacation time!

My name is Tom Stone, the managing partner of Sundance Cabin Rentals. In 2008, Barbara and I pulled up our roots, and moved to North Georgia, leaving our lifelong friends and family behind in Florida. Our love affair with the mountains began on our honeymoon in 1982, when we came to the Blue Ridge Mountains for our first visit. Over the years, we returned to the same cabin to rent for our 10th, 25th and 30th anniversary, but bringing along our children most of these times.

We lived in the Orlando area for 18 years before moving up here, and had grown weary of the growth, traffic and heat that surrounded us. We wanted to move away from central Florida, but there was not really anywhere left in Florida that we wanted to move to. We came to Blue Ridge, looking to buy a vacation cabin rental business, but instead ending up buying a cabin. Within a very short time, we sold our home in Sanford, FL. packed up the truck and our kids and were on our way to Morganton, GA to start a new life!

The Blue Ridge Hillbillies
An we loaded up the truck and moved to Blue Ridge.

We are now comfortably settled into our log cabin. Our oldest daughter, Jessica is “up north” in St. Louis with her husband Ben. Alicia works at a pharmacy in Blue Ridge and also at a restaurant downtown Ellijay. Samuel came back from Colorado and is helping “the old man” in running Sundance. Christine is going to college in Denver, Timothy and Matthew are attending Mountain Area Christian Academy just a few miles away.

Sunset on the Appalachian Trail

Our lives are entirely different than before. We are always doing something outdoors at all times of year. Our list of activities include: hiking, swimming, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, ziplining, exploring, and sledding down our mountain road in the winter. We have found a great church, and have been welcomed with open arms by all of the people we have met in Blue Ridge and North Georgia.

Sundance Cabin Rentals is a “family business”

As you read through some of our blogs, we will share with you all of the things that we do when we are not working. Sundance Cabin Rentals is truly a “family business”. Barbara, Sam and I are actively involved in the daily running of Sundance Cabin Rentals, and all of our children pitch in to help with the cleaning, mowing, property management and repair, and leaf raking when needed. They do take their fishing rods with them if we are going to one of the riverfront cabins, to play while they work.

Waiting for the old folks to catch up
Waiting for the old folks to catch up

Blue Ridge is a warm, friendly town, with open people who will welcome you, just like they have us. I hope that you will come stay in one of our cabins to rent for your vacation and explore Blue Ridge for yourselves. Who knows, maybe someday you will be our neighbor! My youngest says in his bedtime prayers, “Thank you God for moving us to Georgia.” Yes, thank you.